The episode occurred after entertainer Margot, 32, and supermodel Cara, 30, had completed the process of eating at the Patagonia Sur café in the La Boca neighborhood of Buenos Aires at 3 am on Sunday when a paparazzi attempted to snap their picture.

The Sun provided details regarding Sunday night Josey McNamara, a film maker and colleague of Margot's, alongside key hold Jac Hopkins,

were the men been engaged with a fight with the photographic artist, who is said to have wound up on the ground draining with a wrecked arm.

It said the two Britons were captured and taken to a police headquarters for addressing while it is perceived Margot and Cara ran away from the area.

TMZ added on Sunday the episode happened when companions Margot and Cara attempted to get into a Uber.

That's what it detailed "as the women were entering the vehicle, a pap hurried them

sources say the experience went ballistic the driver, who took off - with Cara completely in the vehicle, and Margot mostly in and mostly out".

The Sun, which named the picture taker required as Pedro Alberto Orquera, said spectators called 911 and he was taken to emergency clinic where he's supposed to be looking out for a medical procedure for "serious wounds".