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        The MIT people group is driven by a mutual perspective: to make a superior world through training, exploration, and development. We are fun and peculiar, world-class yet not elitist, creative and imaginative, fixated on numbers, and inviting to gifted individuals paying little heed to where they come from. Established to speed up the country’s modern insurgency, MIT is significantly American.

       With inventiveness and drive, their alumni have imagined essential advancements, sent off new ventures, and made a large number of American positions. Simultaneously, and with next to no feeling of inconsistency, MIT is significantly worldwide.

        MIT people group acquires gigantic strength as a magnet for ability from around the world. Through instruction, exploration, and development. MIT’s uncommon local area seeks after its central goal of the administration of the country and the world.

Beginning of MIT

       MIT is autonomous, coeducational, and secretly enriched. The Institute conceded its most memorable understudies in 1865, after the endorsement of its establishing sanction, and conceded its most memorable lady understudy presently in 1871.

       MIT’s opening denoted the zenith of a lengthy exertion by William Barton Rogers, a recognized normal researcher, to lay out another sort of free instructive organization pertinent to an undeniably industrialized America. Rogers focused on the down-to-earth and practicable. He accepted that proficient capability is best encouraged by coupling instructing and research and by zeroing in consideration of certifiable issues. Toward this end, he spearheaded the improvement of the instructing lab.

Mission of MIT

         The mission of MIT is to propel information and teach understudies in science, innovation, and different areas of grant that will best serve the country and the world in the 21st hundred years.

         The Institute is focused on creating, dispersing, and saving information, and working with others to offer this information as an influence on the world’s extraordinary difficulties.

         MIT is committed to giving understudies instruction that consolidates thorough scholarly review and the energy of disclosure with the help and scholarly feeling of a different grounds local area. We look to foster in every individual from the MIT people group the capacity and energy to work admirably, imaginatively, and successfully to improve mankind.

Statement of purpose

        The mission of MIT is to propel information and teach understudies in science, innovation, and different areas of grant that will best serve the country and the world in the 21st 100 years.

      As MIT ring calls from the local area that MIT would profit from having an assertion of shared values, in December 2020 the Institute charged the MIT Values Statement Committee to foster one through wide discussion across the MIT people group.

        On April 12, 2022, President Rafael, Provost Cynthia Barnhart, and Chancellor Melissa Nobles imparted the qualities proclamation to the local area, with their solid underwriting.

Values Statement

Greatness and Curiosity

        MIT make progress toward the best expectations of trustworthiness, and scholarly and inventive greatness. We look for new information and down-to-earth influence, in support of the country and the world.

        MIT prize inventiveness, creativity, genuineness, and intensity. We love revelation and investigation, creation and making. We thoroughly enjoy the full range of human insight.

         Drawing strength from MIT’s particular roots, MIT put stock in advancing by doing, and MIT obscure the limits bet MITen disciplines as MIT try to take care of difficult issues. Embracing the capricious, MIT invite idiosyncrasy, geekiness, inventive disrespectfulness, and play.

      MIT acknowledge the gamble of bombing as a bar on the stepping stool of development. With brave interest, MIT question their presumptions, search externally, and gain from others.

Transparency and Respect

     Since learning is supported by a variety of perspectives, MIT love free articulation, discussion, and  in the quest for truth – and MIT focus on involving these devices with deference for one another and their local area.

     MIT endeavor to be straightforward and deserving of one another’s trust – and MIT challenge their selves to confront troublesome realities, talk doubtlessly about shortfalls in their frameworks, and attempt to conquer them.

      MIT take exceptional consideration not to ignore the awful way of behaving or slight on the grounds of incredible achievement, ability.

Having a place and Community

        MIT endeavor to make their local area an empathetic and inviting spot where individuals from a different scope of foundations can develop and where  as a whole vibe that it should be.

       MIT know that taking care of their own and each other’s prosperity as a top priority, body, and soul is fundamental. We trust that conventionality, graciousness, regard, and empathy for one another as people are indications of solidarity.

       Esteeming possible over family, MIT realize that ability and smart thoughts can emerge out of any place – and MIT esteem each other’s commitments in each job.

      Together MIT have phenomenal qualities, and MIT shoulder the obligation to involve them with intelligence and care for mankind and the regular world.

MIT Campus

        Initially established in Boston, MIT migrated to Cambridge in 1916. The Institute is an indispensable area of the city, a different and energetic local area of roughly 119,000 inhabitants noted for its set of experiences, scholarly life, and flourishing development environment.

       MIT’s grounds broaden more than a mile (1.6 km) along the Charles River. At its heart is a gathering of interconnecting structures, planned by designer W. Welles Bosworth (Class of 1889), that work with connection and correspondence among MIT’s schools and divisions.

       The grounds design exhibits a scope of styles, from neoclassical to pioneer, brutalist, and deconstructivist . Among the ageless milestones nearby are structures planned by driving designers like Alvar Aalto, Frank Gehry, Steven Hall, Fumihiko Maki, I. M. Pei ’40, and Eero Saarinen. Inside, cutting-edge offices support MIT’s examination endeavors in numerous disciplines. These offices range from MIT labs, clean rooms, and maker spaces to air streams, robot, and robot test labs, and a 237,777 ft2 (22,090 m2) nanotechnology and high-level imaging community.

         For understudies, the grounds have 19 home lobbies (11 for students and 8 for graduate understudies and families), each with its unmistakable character and the local area. Metropolitan and walkable, the grounds energizes supportable practices in numerous ways, offering nurseries and green spaces, bicycle share stations, and free transport.

       At its edges, the grounds converge with different Cambridge areas, including Kendall Square — where the nearby relationship bet MITen industry and exploration aptitude has made this region the most creative square mile on earth.

      The person on foot and bike cordial, Cambridge has six metro stations, a suburbanite rail line, 24 transport highways, 68 bicycle share stations, devoted bike paths, and various means of transport and bikeways,  MIT ring guests and occupants to get around without a vehicle.

MIT Libraries

          The MIT Libraries are a motor for making, sharing, and protecting information at the Institute and then some. The Libraries work to further develop admittance to the world’s aggregate information and back the MIT people group in numerous ways.

        Furnishing researchers with the best happiness and the abilities to utilize it. The Libraries give admittance to a huge number of things, both physical and computerized, and accumulations from libraries around the world. Library experts assist individuals with exploring assets, overseeing information, thinking fundamentally as customers and makers of data, and assume a crucial part in supporting computational examination across MIT.

         Giving a scholarly town square. Through MIT Reads (a common perusing and conversation program), free studios, or inviting spaces — including the redesigned Hayden Library and Building 14 yard — the Libraries MIT l come the MIT people group to re-energize, be motivated, make new information, and interface with another.

          Offering information to the world. The Libraries work to guarantee that exploration is straightforwardly and fairly accessible to the broadest conceivable crowd. Beginning around 2009, articles by Institute writers made unreservedly accessible have been downloaded more than 19 million times, with almost 55% of staff articles shared transparently. Sent off in 2019, the Center for Research on Equitable and Open Scholarship examines how unique networks can take part in grants with negligible predisposition or obstructions.

         Managing assortments extraordinary for MIT. Particular Collections jelly and  the utilization of novel and intriguing things, both unmistakable and computerized, including MIT-created materials, recorded assortments, uncommon books, visual materials, and the Aga Khan Documentation Center assortments.

Processing nearby

     The registering climate at MIT incorporates many data advances and assets. Data Systems and Technology (DS&T) upholds MIT’s schooling, exploration, and organization by giving foundation, administrations, frameworks, and backing for the local area’s registering needs.

      MIT’s organization founded in the Cambridge/Boston region is comprised of more than 7,500 miles (12,070 km) of fiber, north of 10,000 remote passages, and 4,000 switches that give nearby wired networks. The MIT Kendall Wi-Fi network covers around a million ft2 (92,903 m2) of open-air space in the Kendall Square region and encompassing areas.

     The MIT Regional Optical Network — a 2,500-mile (4,023 km) optical ring — interfaces the MIT organization to New York City and around 10 different areas, including the Massachusetts Green High-Performance Computing Center. MIT’s 100-gigabit spine upholds associations with Internet2 and the Energy Sciences Network, which thus gives admittance to the CERN Large Hadron Collider. MIT likewise has 10-gigabit devoted associations with Amazon, Comcast, and Apple, as MIT as double repetitive 10-gigabit, which connects to the product MITb.

  Administrations and programming

DS&T gives broad IT administrations and programming to the MIT people group:

  1. Email and efficiency applications through Microsoft Exchange and Office Online.
  2. The Canvas catherine the board framework.
  3. Coordinated effort administrations, including Dropbox, Zoom, and Slack.
  4. Undertaking cloud stages, including Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform.
  5. Secure registering administrations and programming, including Duo two-factor validation.
  6. Overseen servers through a mixture of cloud climate.


     DS&T keeps up with center Institute frameworks, including the foundation, applications, and data sets that help MIT’s regulatory, scholastic, and examination exercises.


      DS&T Support groups handle roughly 80,000-90,000 help demands every year. IS&T groups give day-in and day-out IT help by telephone or email to the MIT people group, as MIT as immediate help to more than 50 divisions, labs, and focuses. The Knowledge Base draws on the aggregate IT ability at MIT to convey nearly 11,000 self-improvement articles.


       “Advancing by doing” is a foundation of MIT’s instructive way of thinking, and “making” is a significant piece of the MIT experience. Makerspaces situated all through the grounds offer admittance to devices and space for individuals from the MIT people group to develop, model, and carry their plans to genuine life.

      The Institute has more than 40 plan/fabricate/project spaces that amount to the north of 130,000 ft2 (12,077 m2). Apparatuses and offices for CNC steering, 3D printing, glassblowing, wood, and metal working, mold making and projecting, mechanical technology, hardware, materials, pottery, making, and more are accessible for class and individual ventures. The Institute is building a cutting-edge grounds-wide maker space in the Metropolitan Storage Warehouse, presently in the planning stage.

Administration to the Community

         Since its establishment, MIT has kept a promise to be a decent neighbor and serve the nearby local area. The Institute effectively upholds not-for-profit associations that address neighborhood challenges by giving monetary assets, the utilization of its offices, portrayal on sheets and boards, instructive projects, and volunteer commitment. 

      Also, individuals from the MIT people group support the Institute’s Community Service Fund, which gives help to not-for-profits where its volunteers are working.

       Offices, labs, and focuses at MIT frequently make programming to rouse K-12 understudy interest in science, innovation, design, and math. The Institute is attempting to expand attention to these contributions to neighborhood schools and guarantee fair admittance to these open doors.

          The Institute’s Priscilla King Gray Public Service Center gives programming, direction, data, and backing to understudies, workforce, and staff inspired by open help, and fills in as an asset for both MIT and the local area at large.


  • 15,722 workers
  • 11,934 understudies

Financial Impact and Innovation Catalyst

         MIT affects the economy of the area. The Institute is Cambridge’s second-biggest manager and biggest citizen, addressing 14.9% of the city’s income stream. It pays charges on its business property and gives a yearly deliberate installment instead of duties (PILOT) for the property that is utilized for scholarly purposes and is legitimately charge excluded.

        In the financial year 2021, the Institute made a PILOT commitment of roughly $2.2 million to the city and paid around $70 million in land charges.

      The exploration, new companies, and ability pool that MIT creates are a magnet for speculation, catalyzing and filling the nearby development economy. Kendall Square, at the eastern finish of MIT’s grounds, is the seat of a flourishing development center point.

       To give extended open doors in this developing economy, the Job Connector by MIT was laid out as a labor force improvement center for Cambridge occupants to investigate open doors for work preparation, expertise preparing, temporary positions, and apprenticeships.

       The Institute’s Kendall Square Initiative and Volpe blended use advancement activities will likewise improve the life and character of the area by adding over 2.5 million ft2 of retail, office, and private space and multiple sections of land open space.

     Another Open Space Programming office is attempting to make different, lively, and comprehensive programming in MIT’s Kendall open spaces — occasions and exercises are open  to all.

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