Lakshmi ji’s stay on earth | an educational story

Lord Vishnu and Mother Lakshmi



 Once Lord Vishnu got bored sitting on Sheshnag, and he thought of walking on earth, a few years had passed since he came to earth, and he started preparing for his journey, seeing Swami preparing.   Lakshmi Maa asked !!  Are you getting ready to be told this morning?

 Vishnu said, “O Lakshmi, I am going to roam the earth.”  So thinking something, Lakshmi Maa said!  Oh god, can I go with you too?

 Lord Vishnu thought for two moments and then said, on one condition, you can walk with me, after reaching the earth, you should not look towards the north direction at all, along with this Mother Lakshmi agreed by saying yes.

 In the morning, Mother Lakshmi and Lord Vishnu reached the earth, the sun god was coming out, the night had turned after rain, there was greenery all around, at that time there was a lot of peace all around, and the earth was looking very beautiful.  .

 Maa Lakshmi was looking at the earth enchanted by the mantra, and forgot what promise she had made to her husband?  And while looking around, it was not known when she started looking towards the north direction.

In the north direction, Goddess Lakshmi saw a very beautiful garden and from that side there was a lovely fragrance and very beautiful flowers were blooming.  It was a flower field and Mother Lakshmi went to that field without thinking and brought a beautiful flower, but what about when Mother Lakshmi came back to Lord Vishnu, Lord Vishnu had tears in his eyes and Lord Vishnu made Mother Lakshmi  Said that one should never take anything from anyone without asking him and also reminded him of his promise.

 When Mother Lakshmi came to know about her mistake, she asked Lord Vishnu for forgiveness of this mistake, then Lord Vishnu said that you will definitely get the punishment for the mistake you have committed.  The gardener from whose field you have plucked flowers without asking, this is a type of theft, so now you are working as a servant in the gardener’s house for three years, after that I will call you back to Baikunth, Mother Lakshmi silently bowed her head  Did yes.  (Aaj Kal’s Lakshmi was little?) And Mother Lakshmi disguised as a poor woman went to the house of the owner of that farm.

 The house was a hut and the owner’s name was Madhav, Madhav had his wife, two sons and three daughters, all of whom used to work in that small farm to make a living.  But when she went, Madhav asked who are you sister?  And what do you want at this time?

 Then Mother Lakshmi said, I am a poor woman, there is no one to take care of me, I have not even eaten food for many days, give me any work, I will also do your household chores, just me  Give shelter in one corner of your house.

 Madhav was the owner of a very good heart, he felt pity, but he said, I am very poor in my sister, I can hardly afford my house with my earnings, but if I had four daughters instead of three, I would have survived  Had to do it, if you can be happy in the kind of dry and dry we eat as my daughter, then come inside as a daughter.

Madhav gave shelter to Mother Lakshmi in her hut and Mother Lakshmi stayed at Madhav’s house for three years;  The day Mother Lakshmi came to Madhav’s house, Madhav got so much income from flowers that he bought a cow in the evening, then slowly Madhav bought a lot of land and everyone got good clothes made and then a big one.  Also got a pucca house built, daughters and Bibi got ornaments also made and now the house was also made very big.

 Madhav always thought that I got all this after the arrival of this lady, my luck has come as this daughter.  2-3 years had passed, but Maa Lakshmi still worked at home and in the fields.

 One day when Madhav came home after finishing his work from his fields, he saw a woman laden with ornaments in the form of a goddess at the front door of his house, after looking carefully, he recognized that, this is my fourth daughter, that is, the same woman.  Recognized that this is Maa Lakshmi.

 By now Madhav’s entire family had come out and everyone was looking at Maa Lakshmi in bewilderment, Madhav has said, mother, forgive us, we have made you work in the house and field unknowingly, mother, what a crime it has become, is it?  Mother forgive us all.

 Now Mother Lakshmi smiled and said, O!  Madhav you are a very nice and kind person, you kept me like your daughter, like your 12 family members, in return I give you a boon that you will never have any shortage of happiness and money, you  You will get all the happiness that you deserve, and then the mother went away sitting in the chariot sent by her master.

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