Family Relations | The expectations of parents

 Family Relations | The expectations of parents   

 In spite of having our own independent identity of our self, we are not the only independent beings of the society. Our life is tied in many bonds because of feelings, rites, traditions, life values, needs of symbiosis. Relationships are like this only some bonds are there with which we are bound for some reason.

         Family relations are the epitome of responsibility, commitment and attachment. Some relationships are natural, then some relationships are made with the speed of life. In relationships, where there are some permanent feelings and nature, then some relations change with time and circumstances. While understanding the depth and seriousness of our relationships, it is also necessary to take care of the neutrality of our identity.


What is our identity in family relations?

We all know that our identity, habits, nature, likes, interests, etc., are directly and indirectly related to our family, ie, parents, brothers and sisters, grandparents, maternal grandparents, etc. Where these relations give us some innate, natural habits, on the other hand, from birth till today, we learn something new by being influenced by all these relationships. By the time we reach adolescence, we start considering ourselves as a big and a responsible member of the family.

family expectations

The expectations of our parents also start increasing from us. Under the pressure of studies and future construction, sometimes due to mental and emotional upheaval, sometimes due to carelessness, we are unable to live up to these expectations of our parents. Many a times, it comes to seeing, that due to our carelessness towards each other’s desires, needs and expectations, an atmosphere of tension and unrest is created in the family. It has some immediate and some far-reaching effects.

On the other hand, there are many benefits to adopting a positive and cooperative attitude towards each other within the family. First of all, all the members can use their energy and time in constructive work.

Second, in a healthy, calm environment, communication becomes expected and effective. This too has come to see, that there are many types of mental problems like stress, frustration, conflict, fear, worry, frustration etc. The main reason is family environment.

Hesitation in family relations

Often, teenagers, teenagers, are unable to say their words without any hesitation and keep on harboring unknown fears and misconceptions. Such situations arise when there is a situation of lack of communication between the parents and us. On one hand, parents sometimes negate the decisions made by us, on the other hand, we want to hide some actions from our parents. Here, no one party is guilty. To blame are situations or events.

Generation gap in family relations

Due to social and ideological changes, it is natural to have differences between two generations. Our eating habits, living habits, thinking habits, movies, TV, friends, fashion etc. also have a wide-ranging effect.

Many times, due to the difference of generation, gap, and thinking, parents, our parents dislike this new life style and there is no mutual coordination in the family. To avoid such situations, we should understand the side of parents and other elders also, and instead of directly opposing, we should speak our words calmly.

Why is conversation important in family relationships?

The more we interact with our parents and other relatives, the more we can benefit from their experiences and thoughts. Still, expressions and changes, motion and pause are two completely opposite sides. When any motion gets a pause or an obstacle, then naturally there is a push.

What is the trend in family relationship?

Prevalence is a symbol of continuity. Changes in circulation give birth to contradictions. By keeping this matter in front, we can understand the differences arising out of ideological differences in family relations. In two generations, the ideological differences should be resolved by a process of logical dialogue, not in the form of opposition.

Our parents remain concerned and devoted towards our daily life needs, our health and happy future. We do not think about their desires, expectations and needs with that much seriousness. We see the anger or inhibitions of our parents, but we are not able to see their love and affection hidden behind them.

Why is family relationship important?

If we, by taking care of small brothers and sisters, out of our home and home, by being aware of our role outside, we do some small work in the house, our parents and others. If you can give comfort and happiness to the members, then only the whole scenario of our family can change.

Therefore, we should contribute positively and cooperatively to maintain a happy and peaceful environment in the family. Family is an important link of society. From individuals, families are formed, and from families, societies are formed. In the same way, society in a broad sense builds the nation.

Important point

  1. In the family, mutual harmony and cooperative behavior should be maintained.
  2. In the family, we should behave keeping in mind the feelings and expectations of each other.
  3. Keeping responsibility towards family is very important.

Learn, Understand and Do

1. As soon as I woke up, my mother raised her voice and said that you have to go to the city. Your sister-in-law’s health is bad. Hearing this, I did not feel good, and I came in a state of confusion because today I had a strong desire to go to play with my friends and here I had to take care of my sister-in-law’s health.

Q.  For the past hour and a half, this is what I have been thinking what to do? If you were in this situation, what would you do?

2. Your father is angry with your examination results, what arguments would you like to give in your favor?

3. What other work can you do for the support of the parents?

4.  Many times your family members stop you from doing many things. You constantly feel like you are right and they feel like they are right. Some situations are given, in which there is a difference between parents and your thinking. Q. What reason would you give to explain your point to the parents? If you want to go for a walk with your friends. You want to study further but due to domestic circumstances you are not able to continue your studies continuously.

“Having harmony in home is like heaven on earth.” – MG

“Family, by the combination, society is formed. If the family is cultured, positive and progressive, then the society itself will be cultured, positive and progressive.” – unknown

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